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The End of Castle Dracula EP

The conclusive release of Castle Dracula, The End of Castle Dracula features a plethora of electronic sounds and sampled textures inspired by various sonic experimentations conducted over the past year and a half. The EP is available for free download on Bandcamp.


Update, Spring 2017

The website is now in full working order complete with up to date content. I am still making small adjustments and correcting mistakes as I find them, so please be forgiving if you come across any errors. The End of Castle Dracula will be the final work I release under the Castle Dracula moniker. This departure is due to my own musical interests moving in different directions than those originally envisioned for Castle Dracula. I will be taking a brief break from writing and recording to focus on new synth modules I have planned for the summer. In the works currently are a dual AR/AD envelope generator and an analog white noise source. I have plans to design a simple but desperately needed utility module immediately after those are completed. After that, my main objective for the summer is the completion of a digital clock source and sequencer. I also intend on revisiting a few already completed prototype modules and designing printed ciruit boards for them. The time frame for that is still to be determined.

In addition to those projects mentoined previously, I also have several side projects that may or may not come to fruition over the next few months. For the most part, they are more aesthetically based design projects. I would like to try my hand at building something tube based this spring/summer (perhaps a set of monoblock power amps), but that is a stretch goal and low on the priority list for now.

I am also excited to anounce that I will be attending Brooklyn College to begin work on my MFA in Sonic Arts this Fall 2017. This is a big step forward for me and I am extremely excited to be getting back into the swing of academia. I plan on actively updating this site with various projects I am working on and activities I am involved with while up in Brooklyn.

Grant Bouvier