Electronic artist, composer, musician, technologist, synthesist and hacker are among a few of the labels that can be used to describe Philadelphia native Grant Bouvier. Having released music under a number of different monikers since 2012, Bouvier has experimented in a wide variety of musical genres and sonic aesthetics, from synthwave to dark minimalism. Bouvier has been designing and building a variety of synthesizer modules and other electronic instruments since 2015. In November of 2017, Bouvier won both the judges choice and teams choice awards at the Red Bull Hack the Hits music tech hackathon. Bouvier is currently studying to receive his MFA in Sonic Arts from Brooklyn College.

DISCLAIMER: Grant Bouvier is constantly involved in an ever evolving variety of side projects and artistic adventures encompassing a broad array of topics related to electronic art and music technology. The best way to stay up to date with his daily affairs to follow him on instagram. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding upcoming projects, new music, published articles, performances, installations, and other random goodies.


Bachelor of Science: Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

  • The University of the Arts, Class of 2016
  • Graduated with honors
  • Recipient of the MBET Academic Achievement Award - 2016

Master of Fine Arts: Sonic Arts

  • CUNY Brooklyn College - 2017 Cohort
  • Graduated Spring, 2019


The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS)

  • Active member, 2015 - present

The Brooklyn College Composers' Collective

  • Active member, 2017 - present

Sonic Art's Student Union

  • Active member, 2017 - present


If you are interested in contacting Grant Bouvier with questions, business inquiries, or for a current resume/CV, please email grantbouvier(at), with the (at) replaced with the classic at symbol.


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