The Esophonic Reconnaissance Agency

A new metafictional sonic artwork exploring ecological ruin, shadowy para-government operations, glitch art, and lost futures at the edge of a not-too-alternate timeline.

Live at Undercarriage Recording

A live studio collaboration from Grant Bouvier and Simon Martinez. Improvised and recorded in just a handful of takes, this record is a reflection on tension, noise, and resolution

Shadow in Afterglow

When Phantoms of Desire haunt these concrete catacombs -- This is an EP about what stranger days may lie ahead. Out on Delusional Records now...

Fiends In Human Shape

A collection of works (finished, unfinished, and abandoned) composed during the first year and a half of the pandemic. Less a singular conceptual exploration and more a stream of consciousness, the record chronicles the haunts and hungers of our new collective loneliness.

Never Knows Better x Ars Electronica Set

Live minimal techno set featuring improvisation on Buchla Music Easel and other bits of modular gear - Friday, Sept 10th, 2021 at Culture Lab Long Island City


A collaborative split exploring themes of abandoned places, decay, and haunted psychogeography composed and produced with Marie Ann Hedonia. Originally released on Jolted Souls, August 8th, 2021.

Snake Plant Music

Biodata is collected from the snake plant using a DIY sonification device built around an arduino. This biodata is then converted to MIDI and control voltage, which is used as the basis for this generative modular synth performance.

Palacio Digital Live Set

A live, improvised audio visual performance virtually at Palacio Palace 12/12/2020

Love in the Age of Liminallity

Who do we become living in a present defined by the gradual cancellation of the future? Originally released on Virtua94 Records, this album is an hauntronic odyssey through late-capitalist dreamspace

Dream Emulator

Performed live in the studio at BridgeSet Sound on August 21st 2020, this is a semi-improvisational piece for modular synthesizer, relying heavily on random voltage generators, polymetric voltage sequences, and dub mixing techniques.


Performed live in at BridgeSet Sound in September of 2020, this is a semi-improvisational piece for modular synthesizer focused on use of a small system, touch control, and sample and holds to generate shifting melodies.

'Hidden in Grass' and '4bit/Graustufen'

Presented at Discover Watermill Day 2019 at The Watermill Center, "Hidden in Grass" by Grant Bouvier Dario Felli was a quadrophonic sound installation that was placed in The Secret Garden. This space was shared with "4bit/Graustufen" by Felix Dennhardt, which was a greyscale inspired sculptural installation. A stereo version of the installation sound is available here. Special thanks to Alexander Leuschner for video/editing.

The Dreamless Sleeper - Live at Strange Stage

A live improvisation of "The Dreamless Sleeper" off of A Black Sea of Trees. Realized through live cassette tape loops manipulations, this work was recorded at Muchmore's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on March 8th, 2019.

A Black Sea of Trees

Cut in a single take directly to cassette tape, A Black Sea of Trees embodies a more improvisatory and physical exploration of hauntological sound. As a follow up to 2018's process-focused ANTHROPOCENE, A Black Sea of Trees is strongly anchored in dark ambient, minimalism, and tape music aesthetics. However, this record comprised of materials fleshed out from live performances and the cutting room floor alike, giving it a distinct sonic and temporal fingerprint.


A sonic exploration into themes of decay, stagnation, and hauntology, Anthropocene is the debut release of Grant Bouvier under his given name. This work of minimalism and dark ambience was conceptualized and composed over a year long period using predominantly cassette tape as a musical tool and storage medium. The album is available through Illuminated Paths as a digital download or on limited edition cassette.

Anthropocene Live

A live recording of Grant Bouvier performing works from the upcoming record Anthropocene at The Dining Car in Brewster on May 4th, 2018. A journey through hauntological space and stagnant dreamscapes, the future will be like the past only different.

Rats' Feet Over Broken Glass (live) - Strange Stage 02/23/18

A live improvisation of a dark minimalist work from the upcoming record to be released in June 2018. This piece is performed using two cassette 4-trackers and tape loops.

Improv for Tape and Electronics - Strange Stage 10/27/17

This improvisational performance utilized cassette tape loops, the Cascade Oscillator Bank, and various delay units and was recorded live as a part of Strange Stage at Muchmores on Oct. 27th, 2017. The idea of this pieces was to create a stark soundscape with harmonic movement scattered throughout via tape manipulation, eventually giving way to dense electronic tones and phrases.

Improvisation #2

Improvisation #2 is the second improvisational piece to be performed live with the Cascade Oscillator Bank The audio was recorded at ShapeShifter Labs in Brooklyn on September 25th, 2017. This iteration features the use of an Eventide TimeFactor for delay processing.

The End of Castle Dracula EP

The conclusive release of Castle Dracula, The End of Castle Dracula features a plethora of electronic sounds and sampled textures inspired by various sonic experimentations conducted over the past year and a half. The entire EP is available for free download on Bandcamp.

An Improvisation for a Glitchstrument

An Improvisation for a Glitchstrument, as its name suggests, is an improvisational piece to be performed with the Cascade Oscillator Bank. With the option of including a delay or reverb unit for signal processing during the performance, this recording features an Eventide Time Factor adding a prominant delay effect. For more info regarding this piece check out the Cascade device page.

Castle Dracula

Transmission and The Holy Fire are the debut tracks released by Grant Bouvier under the moniker of Castle Dracula. The two track were released during the Winter of 2014-15.