Neon tides, endless wake...

The Artificial Ocean Generator (AOG) is a DIY glitch video synthesizer designed and built by Grant Bouvier that utilizes a combination of video feedback with glitch circuitry to create lush neon textures, cascading plumes of color, and phantasmagoric tendrils of light. The distinctive ripples and waves are a result of the specific feedback loop, which utilizes hacked VGA converters for source signal. The interface is intentionally minimalistic and was developed in part to encourage live performance on the AOG, making it feel more like a musical instrument than a video generator. The AOG is partially inspired by and based on the work of LoFi Futures and Jonas Bers ( both of which use VGA sources for video synthesis). This video was recorded in a single take and serves as both a demonstration of the video output of the AOG and its performance capabilities. More technical details and build info forthcoming.

video demos: