WaveBoy Synth


A sonic powerhouse...

Originally designed to be a standard synth patch for the Critter and Guitari Organelle, the WaveBoy is an 8 voice wavetable poly synth. The original Waveboy, pictured above, features a total of 5 wavetable options as well as an LFO controlled low pass filter ideal for creating pulsating tremolo effects. There are also built in envelope release and detuning functions within the individual waveosc subpatchs. The wavetables used in the original WaveBoy are available here, courtesy of Swedish wonderboy Adventure Kid. Custom wavetables can be loaded as well, and the WaveBoy can even be used as a granular poly synth with some careful tweaking. The WaveBoy, along with original wavetables, is available for download here.

Sound samples coming soon...