Tetragon VCA


A sonic swiss army knife...

The Tertragon is a eurorack voltage controlled amplifier built around a 4 channel mixer. Each input comes complete with level attenuation and optinonal DC offset, allowing the Tetragon to function as a control voltage mixer as well as an audio mixer. The amplifier features parallel envelope and CV modulation inputs for maximum sound shaping capability. In addition to a high voltage output for further modular processing, the Tertragon features an adjustable line level ouput that will play nicely with most outboard audio equipment and interfaces. What the Tetragon lacks in flashiness it more than makes up for with its versitility and reliability.

Features and Specifications:

  • 3U eurorack compatible
  • 100% analog circuitry
  • 4 input mixer with level attenuators and DC offset
  • Maximum and adjustable line level out
  • Envelope and CV modulation inputs with attenuation
  • Front panel: 3mm thick, laser cut clear acrylic
  • Width: 18 HP (approx. 91.30 mm)
  • Module depth:
  • Power: +/- 12 Volts DC at 40-60 mA (shrouded 16 pin header)

Sound samples and compositions:

This demo features the Tetragon voltage controlled amplifier being modulated via the Flux Ultra Envelope generator and a Monogon in LFO range. The first portion of the recording presents the envelope shaping capabilities of the Flux Ultra as various stagings and legnths of attack, decay, sustain, and release are configued for a variety of effects. The second portion of the demo presents the Tetragon's sonic abilites via amplitude modulation when a combine with an LFO, in this case the Monogon VCO's sinewave output. Pitch and gate cv are provided by an Arturia Beatstep sequencer.

  • 0:00 - 2:30 Amplitude envelope modulation via Flux Ultra
  • 2:31 - 3:00 Amplitude modulation via LFO