KaleidoQuad Looper


A looping engine built to perform...

As its name suggests, the KaleidoQuad Looper is a Pure Data based 4 track looper that was inspired by the functionality of Critter and Guitari's Kaleidoloop hardware loop recorder. Originally built to function as a go-to-looper patch for the Critter and Guitari Organelle synthesizer , the KaleidoQuad is capable of creating vibrant walls of looped sound with playback speed controlled via 4 individual sliders within the master control patcher. The relatively simple functionality of the KaleidoQuad is intended to encourage furthur customization by users interested in designing a looper that truly caters to their own specifications. The KaleidoQuad could easily be expanded to house additional tracks, filters, delays, envelopes, and even vocoding capabilities. The patch is available for download here.

Sound samples coming soon...