A minimalistic design that packs a punch...

The ArduinQuencer, as its name implies, is an arduino based 4 step square wave sequencer. Each step can be alter with an orange knob, and the yellow knobs control the overall clock speed and "sustain" legnth of each step, respectively. Inspired by the simplistic design and durable construction of children's toys, the ArduinQuencer sports a minimalist control interface and is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure. Finished off with a master volume knob and quarter inch jack output, this unassuming unit can produce a wide variety of stepped patterns. When the rate of the sequence is pushed to its maximum limits, the ArduinQuencer can be used to perform interesting chromatic solos and improvisations.

Features and Specifications:

  • Arduino based
  • 4 variable sequence steps with pitch control (orange) and indicator LEDs
  • Variable clock rate control (yellow)
  • "Sustain" or staccato control (yellow)
  • Master volume knob (blue)
  • Quarter inch output jack
  • Power: USB bus (5Vdc regulated)
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Dimensions:

Sound samples and compositions:

This demonstration features an unedited recording of a short improvisation performed using the Arduinquencer.